Chargify Documentation

Getting Started

We suggest starting with our “Quick Start Guide”, specifically one of the following pages:

  • Chargify Overview – get quickly oriented to see where Chargify fits in to the big picture
  • Terminology – learn the terms we’ll use throughout these docs
  • Getting Started – a guide that helps you get up and running

If you’re new to the concept of Merchant Accounts and Gateways, you may be interested in our Basic Payment Gateway Requirements knowledge base article.

API Integration

Chargify can be integrated with many environments and programming languages via our REST API. Some of our users have contributed their API Wrappers in various programming languages. Check out the API Code Overview doc for an introduction to the wrappers and available code samples.

Check out the list of Chargify Consultants if you require deeper technical expertise for your integration.

We always enjoy (and appreciate) hearing about larger integrations ahead of time. If you’re planning on importing a large amount of data into Chargify via our API, we suggest sending a “heads up” to “” so we can coordinate with you to ensure your import process goes smoothly.

Our API, while considered stable, is continually being improved and polished. Please feel free to contact support if you experience issues when integrating with the Chargify API.


Written Ticket Tech Support

Written Ticket Tech Support (U.S. business hours) is available to merchants on the Start plan (or higher).

Open a support ticket via the support website, or send an email directly to “”.

While we strive to answer all of our merchants’ questions in a timely fashion, please note that support requests are prioritized based on your current Chargify Plan.

We maintain a Support Forum with answers to community and frequently asked questions.

Feel free to ask a question on the Community Support forum to get help from the Chargify community.

Basic Phone Support

Basic Phone Support (24/7) is available to merchants on the Launch plan (or higher).

Call 1-800-401-2414 to get Chargify support over the phone.

Developer Support

If you are on the Developer (free) plan, please note that there is NO official Chargify support available for your plan at this time. We make this distinction to ensure that our paying customers deserve the appropriate time and attention they deserve to run their business.