Chargify allows you to create both one-time and recurring coupons to give customers a discount.

How and when are Coupons applied?

  • Coupons are only applied at the time a normal, recurring charge is assessed to someone.
  • Coupons apply to the total of all charges, instead of just the base fee. This means that any setup fees and component charges will also be discounted by a valid coupon.
  • They will appear on a customer’s record in the order of “charge, adjustment, payment”.
  • There is currently no way to list the coupons associated with customers, but we have a “story” for that in our development pipeline in Q2 or Q3.

Creating a Coupon

Coupons are added to the Product Family from the Products tab. Once a coupon has been created it can be shared across all products in the family. To create a new Coupon click the “Create Coupon” link.

Basic coupon fields:

  • Name: A name for the coupon. The name is not displayed to customers
  • Coupon Code: The code that customers will enter to redeem the coupon. The code must be uppercase letters, numbers and underscores with no spaces. NOTE: You can add additional codes to the coupon once the coupon has been created.
  • Description: A description of the coupon that can be displayed to customers
  • Expiration Date: Coupons will no longer be redeemable after this time
  • Amount: The amount that will be discounted from the initial subscription
  • Percentage: The percent of the product’s base price that will be discounted

Additional options:

  • If the coupon value is greater than the payment due on signup, leave a negative remaining balance on the subscription for the difference: Selecting this option will leave a negative balance on the subscription if the coupon amount is greater than the amount due. For example, if I apply a $100 coupon to a $30 product, with this option selected, I will have a -$70 balance on my subscription. Otherwise, my balance would be $0.
  • If a free trial exists, delay the coupon until payment is due: Selecting this option will associate the coupon with the subscription, but it will not be applied until the end of the free trial. This gives users the ability to use a coupon while still getting the chance to use a free trial. If this option is not selected, the coupon will be ignored in the case of a free trial.

Recurring options:

By default, coupons are not applied to future payments after the initial signup. However, you can configure them to do such that by selecting either of the Continue to apply the coupon.. options. You can set them to recur indefinitely or for a certain number of periods.

Once you have created a Coupon, it will appear under the Product Family on the Products tab. You can make changes to the component by clicking the ‘Edit Coupon’ link.

Adding Additional Codes

Once a coupon has been created you can add additional codes to the coupon. These codes behave exactly like the main coupon code. To add more, click the ‘Manage Codes’ button for the coupon of your choice.

Next, enter the additional codes into the text box, with one coupon per line.

Amount vs. Percentage Coupons

Chargify allows you to create two types of coupons: Amount Coupons and Percentage Coupons. An Amount Coupon will give the customer a flat dollar amount discount. A Percentage Coupon will give the customer a discount equal to a specified percentage of the Product’s base price only. To create a coupon for an exact dollar amount, specify the the value in the Amount field below. Amount coupons apply the discount to the total order price (including setup and trial fees), which differs from percentage-based coupons. To create a coupon that provides a percentage discount on the price of the product, specify the percentage in the Percentage field below. Note: Only one field is required. If both are specified the percentage will be ignored.

Creating a Subscription with a Coupon in the Admin Interface

To apply a coupon to a subscription, use the Coupon Code field on the new Subscription page.

Creating a Subscription with a Coupon in the Hosted Payment Page

Customers can also apply coupons through the Hosted Payment Page. However, you will first need to enable the coupon code field to be shown on your hosted pages. This is done in the “Hosted Page Settings” section of the “Settings” tab.

Creating a Subscription with a Coupon through the API

For API info see: