Chargify supports multiple currencies. Currency configuration is done on a site-by-site basis. You may select the currency to use when you create a new site, and you may change the currency when you edit a site only if the site has no revenue. If you need to sell in multiple currencies, you will need to set up a separate Site for each currency.

The currency is used in price displays found in the Web UI and on Hosted Pages. It is also the currency that is used as the “submission currency” to the gateways. This means that the transactions we submit to your gateway are specified using this currency. Note that this can be different than the settlement currency of your Merchant Account.

The currencies currently supported by Chargify (updated 3/15/12) are:

Currency Symbol Name Gateway
USD $ United States dollar Authorize.Net, TrustCommerce, Payment Express, Beanstream, Braintree v2, eWay, Samurai
GBP £ Pound sterling Payment Express, eWay, Quickpay
CAD $ Canadian dollar Beanstream
AUD $ Australian dollar Payment Express, eWay
NZD $ New Zealand dollar Payment Express, eWay
SGD $ Singapore dollar Payment Express, eWay
ZAR R South African rand Payment Express, eWay
EUR Euro Payment Express, Quickpay, eWay