Note: Refunds are currently only supported for the Authorize.Net gateway

With Chargify you have the ability to apply a refund to payments that have been processed at the gateway. It is important to note the distinction between a Credit and a Refund. A refund will return an amount, up to the full amount of the original payment, back to the customer’s credit card. A credit, however, will simply update the customer’s Chargify balance without actually returning the funds. A refund does not affect the customer’s account balance, but will change the total revenue collected for the subscription.

To issue a refund, simply navigate to the subscription detail page by clicking on the “Start Date” or on the “View” link in the Subscriptions listing. There, you will see a link to “Add a Refund”. From there you will see a list of Payments that are eligible for a refund. Select the payment you’d like to add a refund to by clicking the “Select” link next to it.

A refund is then created by selecting an amount (i.e. “10.00”) and a memo (i.e. “Refund for XYZ”).

Chargify will communicate with your Payment Gateway and, depending on the state of the transaction and the amount of the refund, either void the original transaction or apply a credit to the credit card. Note that a partial refund can only be applied to a payment once it has been settled at the Gateway. Transactions generally settle within 24 hours.