Chargify offers the ability to upgrade or downgrade a Customer’s subscription in the middle of a billing period. There are two types of Upgrades/Downgrades: Non-prorated Product Changes and Prorated Upgrades/Downgrades.

Product Changes (Non-prorated)

Product changes do not trigger any prorated charges or credits. Instead, they simply change the product on the subscription, and the new amount is billed normally at the next normal billing period.

There are two ways to access the Product Change page:

  1. On a subscriptions Summary tab, there is a change link next to the product name
  2. From the Prorated Upgrades/Downgrades page, there is a link guiding you towards the Product Change page

Product changes may be made via the API by updating the product_handle on the subscription, as mentioned in the documentation on the API Update method on Subscriptions.

Prorated Upgrades/Downgrades

Prorated Upgrades/Downgrades cause will have the following effects:

  • Prorated credit: A prorated credit will be created to reimburse the Customer for their current product. Note that this is not a refund; no money will be returned to the user. The credit only effects the Customer’s balance.
  • Charge: A charge for the full amount of the new product will be applied
  • Updated Period Start/End Dates: The period start date will be reset to today’s date

Note: The prorated credit is always at least 0.01 currency units (for instance, $0.01). Even if your customer only had a product for a few seconds, proration will result in a minimum charge for that time of 0.01.

To initiate an upgrade or downgrade through the Admin Interface, click the Subscriptions tab and then click the ‘Upgrade/Downgrade’ link in the Subscription options.

Alternatively, you can click the ‘Upgrade/Downgrade’ link when viewing a Subscription.

Upon clicking ‘Upgrade/Downgrade’, you will be able to view the available products, as well as the current product associated with the Subscription. To migrate to another product, press the ‘Select Product’.

You will see a success message upon completion of the upgrade or downgrade. Check the Account Transactions tab for a list of the credits/charges that were created.

Upgrades/Downgrades can also be initiated through API; see API Migrations

The “Upgrade/Downgrade” page also provides a link to the Non-prorated Product Change page, in case that’s what you want to do instead.